Buy Art South West

Kopf Pottery

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Buy Art South West is an advocacy platform, promoting existing shops & sales platforms by South West based visual artists.

We use MIRROR's website and Instagram to feature and profile artwork for sale by artists based in the region, to encourage investment in these artists' practices by supporting their own entrepreneurial endeavours.

MIRROR doesn't take commission or charge an admin fee, all transactions are arranged directly with the artist through their website, Instagram or other sales platforms.

As well as regularly featuring new artists, we archive all previously featured artists to build a resource to help people buy original artwork, limited editions and other items for their homes and businesses.

We hope that this initiative will help tackle the lack of commercial opportunities in the South West for contemporary visual artists to sell work and to sustain and maintain their practices. This initiative is in part inspired by #artistssupportpledge established by Matthew Burrows Studio.

Interested in Buying some Artwork?

How Does it Work?

  1. We will feature artists on the 'featured artist' page linked below & through our Instagram feed
  2. If you see any artwork that you like & want to purchase, go directly to the artists website or Instagram account (which we will tag in our posts and on their featured artist page)
  3. Message/email the artist and let them know which artwork you would like to purchase
  4. MIRROR takes no cut or admin fee, all transactions are arranged directly with the artist