Natasha MacVoy

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Natasha MacVoy, Floating Islands, 2021

For Buy Art South West Natasha will be selling Floating Islands, a collection of ceramic fridge magnets, from her series of alternative publications.

For Buy Art South West Natasha will be selling Floating Islands, the second in a series of alternative publications where affordable unique sculptures destined for the home, hold text as associated memory. Floating Islands are handmade ceramic fridge magnets with their accompanying text featuring on the wrapping used in the postage.

This new work follows on from Traveling companions, miniature ceramic mountains accompanied by an audio recording, the first publication, which is also available to purchase via the artist.

Floating Islands, 2021, £12 each + £3 postage*
Traveling companions, 2021, £5 each + £2 postage*

*Postage refers to the UK and may cost more to send further.

Floating Islands, 2021, £12 each + £3 postage*
Floating Islands, 2021, £12 each + £3 postage*
Traveling companions, 2021, £5 each + £2 postage*

Natasha MacVoy makes work about the activity of looking and alternative – non-visual – ways with which our bodies perceive. Drawing on personal experiences and observations she explores the limits of sight and site through a range of approaches including sculpture, installation, writing and performance. She accesses the body’s interior via medical research and consultations; questioning absence and voids experienced around death, and reconsiders care through story-telling.

Born in London, 1977, Graduated MA Fine Art, UWE (2009), and a studio holder at Spike Island, Bristol. Recent exhibitions include My Kid Could’ve Done That, 2021, The Edge Arts Centre, Bath; OUTPOST Members Show selected by Catalyst Arts, 2021, OUTPOST, Norwich; Your phone is my gallery, 2020, individual readings by the artist to listeners over the phone; UNITE 2019 Residency and Exhibition, g39, Cardiff; Groping in the dark, solo show, Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol and The Mothership residency, Bridport, Dorset.

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