Zara McDermott

Untitled Artwork

Zara McDermott is a 2nd year (going into 3rd year) illustration student at AUP. Her illustrations present elements of texture, shape and colour and her process is mostly digital. As an artist, Zara is passionate about promoting physical and mental well-being through her illustrations.She's always looking for ways to create a positive impact and infuse her work with meaning. Her creative voice is still evolving, and she approaches each day with an ambition to learn and grow.

Within imagery balance can be created or subverted through the use of size, colour, shape, and composition. In Zara's practice she has been discovering her love for using shape and finding fulfilment within how they balance and interact with each other. McDermott is very intrigued by balance in and out of her creative practice. Striving to create more balance and calm throughout life, sometimes as we stack more tasks or have to juggle our daily commitments, finding balance becomes more difficult. Zara's submission showcases this act of finding balance and how shapes interact.