South West Showcase

Eleanor Duffin - install 4
A Phantom Limb, Eleanor Duffin (2020)
The South West Showcase is a recurring project established in 2013.

What is the South West Showcase?

The South West Showcase is a recurring project established in 2013 as a strategic response to the lack of talent development and professional exhibition opportunities for artists based in the region. The showcase aims to support contemporary artists working and living in the South West through a year-long programme of mentoring and support with an exhibition outcome; presenting a long-term commitment to profiling and supporting the practices of artists in this region.

Artists are awarded a fee of £2000 to produce their exhibition, with an additional flexible budget of £3000 to cover costs including production, travel and accommodation and transportation.

Simon Bayliss, Meditations in an Emergency, South West Showcase 2018

Previous South West Showcase exhibitions have been awarded to:

Oliver Sutherland.. and then
And then, Oliver Sutherland (2017)

"The highlight of SWSC for me was the year long support and mentoring that the award provided, not only from the Gallery team, but also with other peers and professionals within the visual art field that engaged in dialogue about the work. These connections extend beyond the duration of the award and become the foundations for other threads of thinking and new work.. This award allowed me to grow my practice in an extremely supported way. It gave me the confidence to try a number of new processes, ways of thinking and disseminating my work... 'Phantoms of Form' will continue to evolve and a new facet of the project will be developed for a solo exhibition at BUS Projects in Melbourne, Australia in early 2022."

Eleanor Duffin

SWSC 2020