Tina Kutter

Tina Kutter is studying an MA Fine Art p/t at Plymouth College of Art. Tina's practice moves between different disciplines and processes exploring ideas around narrative, agency, materiality, and the tensions between opposing forces such as strength and fragility, growth and decay, holding on and letting go. Numerous anxieties about social justice issues; animal welfare; pollution; Brexit and the rise of populism also feed into her work.

Tina often uses walking as a research tool and her MA project is anchored in Walking the Saints' Way in Cornwall where she is investigating the palimpsest of narratives, both real and imagined, that are archived in a land with deep connections to spirit and myth.

Tina will be working as an artist assistant to Huma Mulji for the next year as part of the South West Showcase. Tina is keen to learn more about each aspect of exhibition commissioning, production, installation and curation. In particular, I hope to gain deeper insights into artist/curator relationships. I also hope to expand and strengthen my network.