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Race, Place and Diversity by the Seaside

Suki Dhanda

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Nubia, Devil's Point, Suki Dhanda (2018)

Race, Place and Diversity by the Seaside was an exploration of how cultural diversity is expressed along the shore line of Plymouth and the surrounding area.

People from a multitude of backgrounds have historically congregated at the British seaside with their families and loved ones to take in the views, play in arcades, walk along the shore and swim in the sea.

2016’s Brexit vote has led many people to question their sense of belonging and their place in this country. Numerous theories have been put forward in the wake of the referendum result exploring why people voted to leave the European Union. These range from concerns with immigration levels, austerity, sovereignty, education and communities feeling left behind by the forces of globalisation.

Over a 6 month period, Dhanda spent time visiting Plymouth (a city that she lived in as a student in the late 80’s) capturing local residents and visitor’s spending time relaxing with their friends and families by the coast.

This project explores the changing face of Plymouth’s population and seeks to uncover and celebrate the diverse community of people who have made this city their home, highlighting the possibilities of coexisting in a shared space.