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City Scripts

Robin Van ‘t Haar

Robin Van ‘t Haar - install 3
City Scripts, Robin Van 't Haar (2007)

Throughout November 2007, artist Robin Van ‘t Haar worked as artist in residence in the Gallery on his long-term public art project City Scripts.

During his residency, Robin observed day-to-day city life in Plymouth, and like a journalist, reported on it throughout a web log and work-in-progress exhibited at the gallery, where documentation of previous work was also presented.

Robin’s work often took the form of photographs, maps, models, notes, videos, weblogs, site based work and digital web-based work.

During Robin’s Plymouth visit, he was particularly interested in exchanging ideas on working attitudes towards public space, how to appropriate space, how to document temporary works or events, how to gain a certain expertise and how to transform this expertise into a professional practice.

“I am interested in the way people move and behave in (semi) public spaces. With my work I want to show how at certain places everybody’s moving can be -unconsciously- part of a group choreography. The way people move is an important signal for experiencing the nature of a place, but easily drowns into the background of daily noise. It is my ambition to offer people new perspectives on places they use day-by-day”.

By focusing on everyday behaviour, Robin tried to give meaning to events that are taking place all the time and everywhere, but that we hardly ever stop and think about. His work ritualizes these everyday events and reveals the characteristics and very specific nature of the places in which he works.

In loving memory.
Robin Van ‘t Haar (1974-2019).