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Katrijn Verstegen

Katrijn Verstegen

Katrijn Verstegen - detail I
Katrijn Verstegen (2007)

Katrijn Verstegen spent three weeks working in residence in the gallery. With different paints, as well as her own egg-tempera, she created paintings on the gallery walls, canvas and paper.

“I always felt the need to enlarge the framing of my work because I wanted my work to be an integral part of the exhibition space. I wanted more than an exhibition with paintings on canvas hung in a line. A site-specific wall painting gives another experience to the exhibition. By making a wall painting the exhibition space becomes part of my work.”

In the gallery, Katrijn developed her third wall painting in the series ‘Floral Expansions’. She started by using a large number of images and considered which elements to use and which other elements needed to be added during the work process. With a variety of materials she created organic forms, drips, smudges and splashes of paint, foliage, flowers and insects. A fragile pencil drawing of a flower can be found next to rough brushstrokes in poisonous colours.