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Hazardous Materials

Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher - install 3
Hazardous Materials, Craig Fisher (2009)

A major car crash has occurred – a head on collision. Skid marks are emblazoned across the floor, there is wreckage strewn everywhere and blood is splattered up the walls – glistening and fresh. You are being filmed by surveillance cameras, are you the victim or perpetrator? Spaces seem inaccessible, areas cordoned off by hazard tape… where are you? In a major disaster, crime scene or spoof horror film?

Craig Fisher

These are just some of the scenarios that Fisher explores in his drawings and sculptural installations which are seductive in nature and ask the viewer to question the representations of violence and disaster laid out before them.

This exhibition showcased a collection of Fisher’s drawings, offering the viewer a rare insight into the integral role that drawing plays in how Fisher develops and realises his ambitious large-scale installations.

Drawing is a speculative activity that allows me to visualise the inferred narratives I want to evoke in my sculptural installations. I often reference the domestic interior as a way of subverting the viewer’s expectation. I make work that situates itself in a world of contradictions, playing with the viewers perception by mixing techniques of art and craft. I reference both ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture and juxtapose the pictorial with the sculptural, creating potential spaces of slippage which act as a challenge to our habits of looking.

Craig Fisher

Plymouth College of Art published Hazardous Materials, generously supported by Millais Gallery, Southampton Solent University and Nottingham Trent University.