Bodies in Space

Multiple artists

Flo Brooks, 'To Be or No To Be' (crop) (2020). Courtesy of the artist and Project Native Informant, London

MIRROR presents Bodies in Space, a group exhibition curated by Ben Borthwick.

MIRROR presents Bodies in Space, a group exhibition curated by Ben Borthwick.

Nicola Bealing / Flo Brooks / Andrea Büttner / Andrew Pierre Hart / Nick Jensen / Claudette Johnson / Joy Labinjo / Bruno Pacheco

*Sat 27 Nov 2021 - Sat 26 Feb 2022
Christmas closure 24th Dec 2021 - 9th Jan 2022


Bodies in Space presents work by artists using the figure in painting and drawing to question and understand how we occupy, move through and negotiate the public and private spaces of daily life. The exhibition also reflects how figurative painting and drawing becomes more visible at times of wider social and political change.

This exhibition, itself hugely delayed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, has been adapted to reflect on the impact of social distancing and the wider disruption of social conventions on issues of representation and equality such as Black Lives Matter and debates around queer and trans rights.

Some artists in this show use the figure in allegorical ways while others treat the figure as an apparition emerging from abstraction. In spite of these differences in approaches, the disjunction between the body, space and time is a common thread across works and forms the basis of this exhibition.

Bodies in Space is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by artists working with the human figure. Not all bodies are treated equally and not all bodies are equally represented, whether politically, legally or pictorially. The exhibition draws out the ways that artists use the figure to reflect on intimacy and relationships as well as wider social and political issues through their work

Ben Borthwick

CJ 017 Untitled Hollybush Gardens Photo Andy Keate
Claudette Johnson, 'Untitled' (1982). Courtesy of the artist and Hollybush Gardens, London. Photo: Andy Keate
Bealing 1
Nicola Bealing, 'Dirty Man, Clean Man' (2014). Courtesy of the artist and Matts Gallery, London. Photo: Steve Tanner

Ben Borthwick is an independent Curator and Head of Creative Programme at KARST. He combines working internationally with grass roots artist development and community engagement in Plymouth. He was previously Artistic Director of Plymouth Arts Centre, CEO of Artes Mundi and Assistant Curator at Tate Modern.