Central Park

Art In Central Park

Beth Emily Richards, Jemma Egan, Laurence Payot

Laurence Payot - This Way 1
Art In Central Park, Laurence Payot (2010)

Art In Central Park was the Public Art and Engagement programme for the Life Centre, Plymouth in 2010.

A series of innovative and exciting projects developed in partnership to showcase the parks recreational use, beauty, and heritage. The programme aimed to engage with different users of the park while also encouraging new visitors to discover what it has on offer.

Hannah Rose and the Arts Unit, Plymouth City Council, collaborated to present a series of contemporary art commissions by artists Jemma Egan, Laurence Payot and Beth Emily Richards.

Jemma Egan - Art In Central Park
Art In Central Park, Jemma Egan (2010)
Jemma Egan - Art In Central Park 2
Art In Central Park, Jemma Egan (2010)

Jemma Egan - Top Dog

While walking in Plymouth Central Park with her dog Jeannie, Jemma met and interviewed dogs via their owners asking key questions to award scores for the categories of style, courage, brainpower, sportability and doggishness. The result is Jemma’s own version of ‘top trump’ themed playing cards which explore and celebrate the varied array of ‘Top Dogs’ from Central Park. Individual packs of playing cards were presented to the dog owners involved and at the time, a full set of larger posters could be viewed on the Plymouth Life Centre hoardings.

Beth Emily Richards - Bandstand

The South West Camerata acted as a mobile bandstand, traveling around Central Park, Plymouth. The music played was selected through conversations held with the park users; discussions about notions of heroism and macho icons of pop culture.

The music played included James Bond: James Bond Theme, Monty Norman; Harry Potter: Hedwig’s Theme, John Williams; John Wayne and Clint Eastwood: Hoedown, Aaron Copland; Captain Jack Sparrow: Pirates of the Caribbean theme, Hans Zimmer; Indiana Jones: The Indiana Jones theme, John Williams; and Rocky: Eye of the Tiger, Survivor.

Laurence Payot - This Way

'This Way' featured life size images of people Laurence met and photographed in Central Park. The seven figures that were placed throughout the park aimed to 'surprise' the viewer whilst also directing their eyes towards the panoramic views and undiscovered areas within the park.