Thaïs Lenkiewicz

Thaïs Lenkiewicz Clew with Diamond
Clew With Diamond, Thaïs Lenkiewicz (2020) oil on aluminium, 13x13cm, £150

My paintings aim to explore the world through varied collated source materials collaged or grouped together. They consider our domesticated vs primitive identities through our relationship with the natural world, the internet, and each other.

I collect images from the internet, the news, television, and take my own photographs. These collections and the way they're selectively juxtaposed may build up a picture of how we see ourselves, or perhaps how an alien civilisation may see us.

Key points of inspiration are science fiction/fact, religion, conspiracy theories, mythology, game shows, talk shows, internet forums, animal behaviour, human psychology, feral children, new-build houses, utopia, cartoons, prehistory, and climate change.

Thaïs Lenkiewicz (born Plymouth, UK, 1988) is a painter based in the South West. Thaïs has exhibited nationally and internationally including The Beep Painting Prize in Wales; Asia Culture Centre Gwangju Korea; The Turner Contemporary in Margate, and The Polish Institute, Budapest. Thaïs has an adult diagnosis of ADHD which contributes to a diverse practice.

Thaïs makes paintings that draw together collected imagery relating to the natural world, the fictional world, and the internet. She established the artist-led space The Pipe in Plymouth which ran from 2010-2014, one of few independent studio spaces and platforms in the city for artists to host exhibitions and events.

Thaïs lived and worked in Budapest from 2015-2017 following a residency with AQB, during which time she curated an exhibition at the Polish Institute and presented her work at Budapest Art Market with Brody ArtYard.

Thaïs has a number of works in private collections in the UK, China, USA, and Hungary.

Thaïs Lenkiewicz Look Higher
Look Higher, Look Higher!Thaïs Lenkiewicz (2019) 40x30cm, oil on cradled panel, £265
Thaïs Lenkiewicz Clew with Diamond
Clew With Diamond, Thaïs Lenkiewicz (2020) oil on aluminium, 13x13cm, £150

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Thaïs Lenkiewicz Skewed diamond
Skewed Diamond, Thaïs Lenkiewicz (2020), oil on aluminium, 13x13cm, £150
Thaïs Lenkiewicz Zircon and Ekanite
Zircon and Ekanite, Thaïs Lenkiewicz (2020) oil on aluminium, 13x13cm, £150
Thaïs Lenkiewicz Sleeper
Sleeper, Thaïs Lenkiewicz (2019) oil on panel, 30x20, £150
Thaïs Lenkiewicz Naked Attraction
Naked Attraction, Thaïs Lenkiewicz (£150) oil on cradled panel, 21x30cm, £150