Sovay Berriman

Berriman Sovay Headshot John Hersey
Sovay Berriman, Headshot. Credit: John Hersey.

Sovay Berriman is an artist based in Cornwall.

Evolution, and domestic and industrial use, of the natural environment, alongside performance platforms, dance floors and stages, inform the abstract and semi-fantastical structures and events I build. My work is rooted however in my experience of being Cornish, my culture’s shifting identity, and the mutability yet power of a sense of place.

Sovay Berriman

Berriman Sovay Work
Sovay Berriman. MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh working drawing II. Courtesy of the Artist.

Supple and subtle boundaries, edges and moments of change fascinate Sovay, she am excited by the potential of an element partnering the possibility of the collective.

Sovay Berriman is committed to questioning balances of power; using her practice as a structure and prompt for action and discussion, focusing on areas she wants to learn more about, and which arise as needing to be better understood from multiple perspectives. She regularly invites contributors and participants into her work.

Berriman Sovay work
Sovay Berriman. Resting Post, (Molluscs Hunt Wizards) 2017. Courtesy of the Artist.

Berriman uses a breadth of processes to create artworks which often manifest as careful situations of multiple elements; a watercolour drawing or print may sit alongside an object of cast metal or wrapped cloth, components of acrylic and clay may lean, prop or balance, while symbols and forms repeat and layer, and conversations or actions take place upon stages of timber and reclaimed copper. These fragments and pieces work together to create whole supportive structures and shared stories.