Samuel Bestwick

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Samuel Bestwick. Headshot. Credit: Cameron Williamson.

Samuel Bestwick is an artist and filmmaker based in Cornwall.

Primarily employing the use of moving image, Saumuel's practice explores narrative in conjunction with place and social history, often re-contextualising these ideas within a modern context. In addition to this his work is often concerned with the act of looking and by extension, philosophies surrounding the camera itself.

Bestwick Samuel Work
Samual Bestwick. Dowr Tamar / Great Water. Film Still. Courtesy of the Artist.

Upon approaching a subject Bestwick spends considerable time immersing himself within a process of research. This research he will then relate to a variety of mediums whilst experimenting with what form a piece of work will take.

For inspiration he repeatedly works with mythological and historical narratives, with his intention being to draw upon the themes embedded within these stories as means of re-interpretation.

Primarily Samuel's work with analogue materials and techniques, including the use of 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film, often developing these by hand in a darkroom environment. Like his process, the experience of viewing his work is very contemplative, with a great deal of consideration going into the installation of each work upon its exhibition.