Naomi Frears

Frears Naomi Headshot
Naomi Frears. Headshot. Courtesy of the Artist.

Naomi is an artist based in Cornwall.

I see my practice as having various moving parts – like a peculiar body or machine that changes and expands as new people and ideas help to shape what I do.

Naomi Frears

Naomi works across film and video as well as printmaking and painting. She initiates and co-produces curatorial projects as well as organises and hosts other events and screenings with the intention of bringing people together. All these parts are as important as each other with their own thrilling and awful bits – bits that keep her practice moving.

Frears Naomi Work
All Going Nowhere Together (Cars). Film Still. Courtesy of the Artist.

The themes frequently present within Frears' practice are – the use of text and image to plot emotional states; strategies of detached observation; forms of everyday choreography; ambiguous gestures; disembodied dialogues; humour; pleasure; and the tension between distance and intimacy.