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Jennifer is a creative producer and writer.

Her academic background is in film, human rights, and cultural heritage, and her particular research interests lie in trauma and memory, with a focus on remembrance through storytelling and how this could play an instrumental role in healing for people who have experienced suffering on a mass scale. She has presented her work at conferences organised by the International Network of Genocide Scholars and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities.

Following her university studies, Jennifer worked at the Barbican Centre, contributing to the development and delivery of large-scale touring exhibitions, including Digital Revolution and AI: More than Human. Here, she became curious about whether creative conception and technical delivery could sit alongside one another, later joining Architecture Social Club, a multidisciplinary studio that designs and fabricates bespoke art installations, to follow this thread further. The ethos behind the studio was collaborative, and she had the opportunity to work with highly skilled creative practitioners from a range of disciplines – architecture, design, engineering, sound, visual art – to design, build, and tour interactive and playful spatial interventions that made use of both analogue and digital techniques. With Architecture Social Club, she has managed the touring of Aether, an audiovisual light field installation, as well as led tutorial units of first-year engineering and architectural design students at The Bartlett School of Architecture.

Since moving to Devon, she has worked with TR2, the design and construction department of Theatre Royal Plymouth, to realise sets for national and international productions. She has also completed a 200h yoga teacher training and a professional workshop on the neurobiology of trauma and trauma-informed yoga practices, and has started a training in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

She believes in experimentation as a part of value creation and the power of contemporary arts education and practice to be a catalyst for cultural and social transformation, and looks forward to contributing to the future of MIRROR.

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